BLACK – the formal choice.

Black is your go-to colour for formal occasions like weddings and funerals. You can also wear a black suit to a black tie event if you do not have a tuxedo. Black does not pair well with daytime events where there is generally a lot of natural sunlight. Save it for formal evening events!

GREY – the mature alternative.

Charcoal, a dark shade of grey, is your best bet for a versatile colour that fits in with any event or job. It is also easier to match charcoal with other colours. While navy is flashier, charcoal is more refined; it is an excellent choice if you want to pull off a more mature look.

NAVY – the jack of most trades.

Navy works well for all but the most formal of events, like funerals. Different shades of navy can also send different messages; the lighter the navy, the more informal and younger the look. When selecting your suit, pay attention to whether it gives off a strong sheen (i.e. shine), as shiny suits are considered more casual. The flexibility of navy makes it a great choice, whether in the office or on a night out.

Here’s our recommendation:

Looking for something formal, but not going to wear a suit on a regular occasion? BLACK

Looking for one suit that fits all purposes? CHARCOAL GREY

Want to look extra sharp, wear a suit that adapts to your needs, and foresee buying another suit in the future? NAVY