Few men have the luxury of choice when it comes to suits. We make do with what we have. But what if you could make more with less?

Here’s how you can wear your suit to more places, while mixing up your look, and maximising the life of your suit:


Styling Your Suit for the Long Run:

Going with a solid foundational style will allow you to customise and accessorise your look later down the road. There’s no question that a classic navy or charcoal grey suit works wonders on most occasions. Follow our colour advice for more on the colours that work, and where. As for the suit’s material, wool is a balanced choice for all seasons. Getting the styling right ensures you’re able to wear your suit wherever, whenever.

Mixing up Your Look:

Keeping your wardrobe funky fresh with just one or two suits can be a difficult task. The plain old white shirt isn’t the be-all, end-all. Try experimenting with other colours like pale blue, which goes well with navy suits. Pink shirts are an adventurous alternative, just make sure you pick softer tones to mix and match with your suit. A different shirt can lend a whole new look to your suit, allowing you to maximise the mileage you get.

A strong tie and pocket square combination gives you the flexibility to further customise your look. It’s worth exploring the colour wheel for various combinations such as monochromatic, triadic, or complementary colour schemes. Match the colour to the occasion – using neutral colours is a safe bet for the office, but a social occasion might call for a triadic colour scheme, perhaps a dark navy suit, a burgundy tie and a mustard yellow pocket square.

Maintaining Your Suit:

Getting the best from your suit means giving it your best efforts in maintenance. When you’ve finished wearing it, air it out to allow the fabric to recover. Package your suit in a suit carrier if you plan to travel with it. Use a lint roller to clean away any dust or dirt that finds its way onto your suit. And dry-clean only when you absolutely need to – the process takes a heavy toll on the fabric.


There’s a lot you can do to make your suit go further. Follow these tips and your suit will be a veritable Swiss-army knife. One suit for many occasions, one suit to last longer than the rest. One suit to rule them all.