Personalisation can help you connect with customers, build loyalty and add value. 

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The trend of personalization is growing rapidly in most industry spaces today. More and more customers or users are being shown greater value by companies willing to offer a more tailored and personalised service.

This trend is apparent in retail, financial services and even property. In each industry space, personalisation can not only form a loyal following but also engage your customers in new ways, it’s really a way to connect more to the modern day consumer. In a world where options are plenty and competition is high, how well businesses cater to each customer, even on a larger scale, becomes ever so important.

Devonché is no different. It is a company founded on the principle of personalization in men’s and women’s clothing and the value it can bring, when it’s actually affordable.

We have realised one of the key factors is not only offering a custom service, but how can you best apply that personalization to a deeper level with every customer. In the highly competitive retail world, offering a product or service that is leaps ahead gets tough, but the implementation of individual personalisation has brought us rapid growth in our sector. A concept we think is a great strength in our business today, which brings us leverage and loyalty.

Looking to the future, we push forward to using more technology to aid us in delivering a personalised touch, more than just a 1000 options. How can we add deeper, more intelligent personalization to our services and how would it be applied if you did?

Key Takeaways

  • Personalisation is not about just adding options. It’s about finding the most relevant ones for each customer.
  • A deep understanding of your customer’s purpose is a key converter.
  • Personalisation is a growing trend that consumers are actively seeking for, it adds value and could be a competitive advantage.

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